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PKMNation | ~ Willow Sunset Ranch ~

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 13, 2015, 6:45 PM


Welcome to the Ranch!


Arrow Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U! Ranch Name: Willow Sunset 
Arrow Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U! Ranch Motto: 'You don't have to be favorable types to get along'
Arrow Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U! Owner: Ryane Jackson (ex.) (~Official Ref pending~)
Arrow Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U! Breeding: || CURRENTLY CLOSED || -- I'm only open for selective breeding due to scarce availability right now
Arrow Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U! Males: Gallery
Arrow Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U! Females: Gallery
Arrow Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U! Ranch Size/Pkmn Owned: 14 Acres || 70/140 Pkmn owned
Arrow Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U! Type Majority: :iconwatertypeplz: :iconelectrictypeplz: :icongrasstypeplz:

Ranch Description & Details

Willow Sunset Ranch is settled on a tiny meadow hillside that looks down to a small marshland that's connected to Loon Lake, the largest of the three lakes propertied by Ryane. From Loon Lake breaks off a large river that travels into the forest area recently bought by Ryane called Willow Shroud. The ranch is perfect for Water & Grass-types, with the forest and open dry land otherwise situated for the Electric-Types.

All the Pokemon are considered, by Ryane, half-wild and half-domesticated. Meaning, they can wander around freely in the partially fenced off ranch, hunt and kill wild prey 'mon, as well as sleep away from Ryane's house. However, their loyalty is to Ryane and only Ryane. She is their owner and caretaker.

A proper system has been issued on Willow Sunset. Ryane is the head of them all and has been titled by the 'mon as "Madame", "Empress", and --most commonly-- "Big Mama". Then there are Alphas and Betas that "rule" or "look over" all of the 'mon of the ranch when Ryane is away/busy. The older and/or stronger 'mon protect the young and/or weak, regardless of grudges or tension between one another (though this is rare). Gender roles is not a big concern on the Ranch, nor is sexuality preference (to either themselves or what attracts them).

In order to be an Alpha, the 'mon must be of lvl.100 and have a good handful of leadership qualities, regardless of size, weight, type, etc.

In order to be a Beta, the 'mon must be of lvl.50 or higher and have the same of an Alpha.

Alpha Male
Simipour -- Lvl. 100
Alpha Female
Mudkip -- Lvl. 100

Beta Male
*Swampert* -- Lvl. 100 
Beta Female
Politoed -- Lvl. 100

Breeding || Life Time Mating || RPying

Breeding -- **CLOSED CURRENTLY**
My breeding is  laid back most of the time. However, due to being in college and other projects going about, my availability is very scarce. I sincerely apologize. But I have to keep a level head and need to keep 3/4 of my attention on schoolwork for the time being. Summer, around the end of May, is where I'm far more free (hopefully).

In addition, to this, I in general have my Breeding sign closed. Not cause I'm that shut off, but cause I'm so busy. Right now it's selective breeding asks with friends in the group that I agree to; but even then it's rare nowadays. 

My 'mon usually will be allowed to breed 3 times by me; afterwards, they are either determined to breed freelance still; or go up for Life Time Mating.

List of Breeding of My Pokemon (from highest lvl, & age)
No Star -- Not Available (reasons will be listed)
Half Star -- Recharging/Picky on Mates
(if recharging, availability date will be listed)

Star! -- Available

No Star Bubbles || F || Politoed || Lvl. 100
Life Time Mated to Aloulore's Eden
Half Star Luna || F || Mudkip || Lvl. 100
Discussing Life Time Mating with ripple09's Rhyolite
Half Star Keaton || M || Simipour || Lvl. 100
Star! Evangeline || F || Luxray || Lvl. 100
Star! Napoleon || M || *Swampert* || Lvl. 100
No Star Esmeralda || F || Milotic || Lvl. 100
Life Time Mated to Cheru-Hime's Sumi
No Star Hamtaro || F || Dedenne/Buizel || Lvl. 100
set to evolve soon; availability will be open soon
Star! Brom || M || Torchic || Lvl. 52
Star! Truffle || M || Slowpoke || Lvl. 20
No Star Oscar || M || Mudkip FUSION || Lvl. 11
Needs more Levels
No Star Mozart || M || Woobat || Lvl. 9
Needs more Levels
No Star Sebastian || M || Eevee || Lvl. 9
Needs more Levels
No Star Milo || M || Bulbasaur || Lvl. 9
Needs more Levels
No Star Juno || F || Nidoran || Lvl. 9
Needs more Levels
No Star Celeste || F || Nidoran || Lvl. 9
Needs more Levels
No Star Cypress || F || *Skiddo* || Lvl. 7
Needs more Levels
No Star Tessa || F || Cubchoo || Lvl. 5
Needs more Levels
No Star Nerida || F || Shellos (EAST) || Lvl. 4
Needs more Levels; also gonna be Picky with Mates later on

Life Time Mating
I believe in life long mates. I believe in true love and being husband/wife/mates with another 'mon, whether it be in the ranch itself, or with someone else's Pokemon. I like the diversity in the group with the babies and such. But somewhere in there, a time comes where it's time to settle down with one 'mon for life (=

The Ranch has a handful of its senior members Life Time mated away, however more opportunities will be available later!If you want to try Life Time Mating with one of my 'mon, you must RP with me. See my RPying detials for more~!

I RP. A lot. Plain and simple. But I do it in several fashions;
>> I am available to RP via dA notes
>> I RP through descriptive text walls; if you are not comfortable or do not use grammer properly, don't ask for an RP
>> I RP through drawings; if someone is uncomfortable RPying text walls, I am open to drawing out an RP (= 
>> I RP both SFW and NSFW; however, to keep a clear mind on PKMNation, I am strictly SFW (with a few cuss words here & there)

**If you wish for an NSFW styled RP, Pokemon or Human, you have to ask me through dA notes and it will only be between you and me. No one outside of that privacy can see the RP, unless you give permission or ask permission. But, it will never be shown on PKMNation itself, however will say that we are using characters from it**


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I may have depression and ADHD, but you'd be surprise how much that can either bring up my art or bring down my art. Nonetheless, it's who I am and I can't change that part.

I draw primarily Pokemon, Animals, and OCs. Humans are my weak point, but every time I fail at drawing them, I learn something new and try again.

Personal Quote: "There is no such thing as normal, only certain levels of weirdness and crazy"



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