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Wow, okay so this is gonna be a bit of a text wall.

I'm...finally done. Omfg for those who follow me and the groups i'm in, I just spammed the hell out of you guys with art for PKMNation (yeah sorry bout the spam XDD;;;; ) 

To back up, I need to go WAAYYYYYYYYYYYY back all the way to around spring time. In the group, I had a lot of 'mon that were at lvl 100 from all the lvls and exp sharing I did. I should've drawn up the refs then. I should've. But, one problem stood that matter 4000x more then getting the refs done; college. And I'll get to that later in this journal.

But digress, I have only a couple weeks left until school starts up for me again. So I needed to act fast and get the refs and other art done. I'm soooooo fucking happy I got them done. But they've left me so tired and so drained thinking about drawing hurts. Especially when each night for...I think it was from last Sunday, July 26th, to today, I was up till anywhere between 2am and 4am, only to get up around 7am the next day and work on drawing until I had to go to work.

With that said, I'm putting my foot down here; I'm taking a break from PKMNation

It's a great group, don't get me wrong!!! I'm still gonna be a member in it. You're just gonna see A LOT LESS of PKMNation stuff from me XD I need to get away and focus on 1.) upcoming school especially, and 2.) other smaller groups of mine, as well as 3.) some of my own, much smaller projects.

It will feel wondrous to get away. I need to. I want to experience and participate in other groups that I'm in and not have almost everything I'm doing right now be PKMNation. Thus, i'm just taking a break. I'll post a few things here and there for the group, but NOTHING like what I've been doing recently.

The groups I intend to focus on mostly for drawing are the following: 


I wouldn't be telling the truth that I have some in life problems XP I don't write this shit down a lot on DA because I've seen and read and commented on so many journals that are of about life issues and things going on at the moment for the people I watch or are friends with that I just don't feel that I need to write my own down. 

But now I'm doing so because, in general, my time drawing and being on DA may go down significantly. 

Way back, around in Feburary, my so called mother turned into a mighty evil bitch.

I, at the time, was a full time student struggling to meet ends with a mother who lied and forced me to give "rent" every month [truth behind it, she promised me that if I was either working or in school, she would not ask for rent]. And rent then was a fucking whopping $300 for no reason whatsoever, especially when she makes that amount within around 18 hours of work time. And all that money she used to buy clothing she didn't even need, shoes not necessary when she's got literally a garage tub full of shoes, or even buy herself tickets to go and see a band and not tell me. It wasn't even used for bills. That's what pisses me off the most.

Nowadays, the rent is lower, but it still is highly not needed, given the fact that I just started working again. And when I gave her $100 for the month, she would demand an additional $50. If I asked why or said no, she would threaten me by saying she would kick me and the 3 cats out of the house. And around June and July time, I had almost no money. Three weeks ago, I literally gave her everything I had except for 50c that I deliberately left in my bank account to keep it open. 

By no means do I love my mother anymore. Truth to be told -- and I'm sure I'm gonna get bashed for this -- I have very little respect for her because she throws her anger out on me, as well as her problems, and threatens me out of the blue more and more. And when I try to tell her something, she backlashes and gets SUPER angry at me. It's to the point where I savor every moment I'm away from the house. Not because I have to take care of 3 cats and possibly a fourth because she wants another cat, but because of her. I hate her. I despise her. And I need to get out of the house and into my own and away from Her.

But because she takes money from me and such and i'm in school, I by no means have the funds or resources to get my own apartment. Hell, even renting out with a friend is impossible because I'm that low on money. 

Which is why I got a job. To help at least try to get enough money so that I can first off get books for school without pulling out a loan, and secondly to start saving so that I can get out.

The job i'm at is nice. It's not the best, but it's CERTAINLY nothing compared to the shithole I worked at a year ago. But I'm astounded that I've gotten a call from a SECOND place wanting me for hire. If I get that job, I could be getting so much more money then just working at the one place I'm at. And if I work both of them, I'll be able to get enough money in no time.

I'm just hoping that both places will accept my college schedule >A>;;;;;; I'm taking 16 credits this coming fall semester, and may have to be pushed over to the night shifts if possible. Either way, I'll be really pushing it.

I just hope I'll make it out alive X.x 

Anyways, that's all for the rant/rambling/life update/news for my account :) Hope ya'll have a good day 


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may I ask you a favor? Its up to you if you want to do this for me or not…I’m still learning and I wanna get better, would it be fine if you can critique some of my artwork and give off a honest and positive opinion about it? I do want to improve but how can I when I get little feedback? Again if you don’t want to its fine no worries.


And….if I asked you something like this before in the past im sorry, I didn’t mean to badger you for feedback back and forth. Im a forgetful person and if I asked you this already again im very sorry. I hope you can forgive me…if you don’t want to do it im not forcing you…

LunaStar52 Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's okay that you asked. But...personally, I feel like I do not give the best critique. ;A; which is why I never critique anything either my friends do or other people do. 

Sorry ;m; 
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Your artwork is amazing! Adding you to my watchlist! :heart:

Also thank you for adding me as well. 
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